50/50 Fundraiser

Thank you for thinking of our children at this unprecedented time.  Chisholm Services has Nova Scotian roots that go as deep as 130 years.  Our name and locations may have changed over those years to reflect the service needs of the community, but the heart of our organization beats strong because of our dedication and your kindness.

A-OK! (Acts of Kindness) Program

The children of Chisholm Services group care program also participate in kindness through a program called A-OK (Acts of Kindness).  This program is designed to foster social and empathetic skills through natural opportunities to be kind with each other, with staff and in the community in which they live.  They participate in monthly projects such as clothing and food drives, visiting local pet shelters, writing letters to seniors, and paying it forward at parking meters.

How Does Your Act of Kindness Help?

…it helps Chisholm Services provide things such as outdoor play items to boost confidence, motor skills and physical play.  Helps to renovate a safe, bright, and functional home environment; where our children learn how it feels to prepare healthy meals with safe adults.  It also can provide the means to sponsor a child in the community who needs support to read at grade level but whose family must choose between food security or tutoring.

Chisholm offers support through three main programs; a long-term residential care program which specializes in early intervention, prevention and permanency planning to assist in the healing process for children who have been exposed to complex issues within the family such as abuse and neglect; an after school literacy program for children diagnosed with a learning difference or reading below grade level; and support to families who have been approved and waiting to adopt a child.

“A person is of more value than the whole world”

Every child has a story and the staff at Chisholm Services believe it is our privilege to be part of their story. You may never know our children, but you are an important part of their story as well.

Thank you

One lucky winner will win 50% of the money raised. 

Tickets for the 50/50 are

1 for $10

4 for $20

20 for $50

Ticket sales end on September 15th 2020 @ midnight. The winning ticket will be announced live on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/chisholm4children) at 12:00pm on September 18th, 2020.

Lottery License Number: #AGD-306058-20